[Cover Story] Blue Light: how it affects our eyes

Blue light is natural. We find it in daylight but more than the red light, blue light carries much more energy. Although blue light is important in our everyday life, it can also be dangerous to our eyes. We make use of the retina much more.

Melatonin, the sleeping hormone, is suppressed by Blue Light which keeps us awake and active during the day. Nowadays, we are constantly exposed to telephones, tablets and television and they all emit Blue Light. Our lifestyle has changed; we are exposed to screens everywhere.

Our eyes are working ten times more than what they should have. This is due mainly to the use of gadgets which emit blue light. However, research has not yet set where is the safety limit thus making it more important to prevent the potential damages by prevention.

Studies have shown that people wearing Blue Light filter glasses have a normal melatonin cycle, helping to sleep better as well.

Dans cette vidéo, les Drs Zia Carrim et Mahen Bisnauthsing expriment uniquement un avis professionnel, qui ne représente en aucun cas un engagement commercial quelconque.

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