[Wakashio] Dr Irfaan Daureeawoo : “The chronic effect on the heart can be arrhythmia, pulmonary hypertension, on the liver, hepatic toxicity”

Dear lovely Mauritians,

I couldn’t resist to express myself again on the eco-disaster our beloved island is facing.  Allow me to take some of your time, as a concern citizen, to reveal my sentiment during this challenging time.

Firstly, let me outlined few risk of hydrocarbon on the health.  Those chemicals contain hydrogen and carbon atoms and can be found in almost in every household for instance, gasoline, kerosene, lamp oil and furniture oil are few examples of hydrocarbons.  Accidentally, if those products enters to the lungs, it can cause severe respiratory harm, injury or even lead to death.  Other organs are not spares, such as the stomach, heart with irregular heart rhythm, kidney damage, and liver damage, also it could lead to seizures, and coma.  While exposing to hydrocarbon can give immediate effects, such as nausea, vomiting, skin injury such as skin irritation, and respiratory distress especially in those with comorbidities, those chemical can have long term impact.

Acute effects on the brain might cause, disorientation, headache, dizziness, syncope, hallucination, agitation and also seizure activities.

Those long term issues can be sequelae of chemical burns, systemic toxicity, asthma-like reactive airway syndrome leading to chemical pneumonitis, reduction in brain size, and encephalopathy.  The chronic effect on the heart can be arrhythmia, pulmonary hypertension, on the liver, hepatic toxicity.

It is worth mentioning, ingestion of seafood, contaminated by those chemical could be injurious to the health.

Having mentioned few risks, I need to applaud all the brave ones, the volunteers trying to limit the damage.  It is mesmerizing to see youngsters, elderly, locals, MAURITIANS, harmonizing together, as one people and one nation.  We spotted, the heroic act, in peace, justice and liberty, of our beautiful brothers and sisters.  Given the gravity of the situation, it is hypnotizing to appreciate and value, the courage, kindness and goodwill of all those who suited up, both the authorities and the common man.  However, as much as I could lavish praises for bold and spirited citizen, once again a sense of anger, frustration has installed in the heart of Mauritians.

We should all agree that no other parties has suffered from unfortunate and uncontrollable events, covid-19, and now a Wakashio.  No one has asked for those catastrophes, certainly not the ruling team, and without doubt the opposing team are trying to get as much attention as they can.  Indeed, it is undeniable, that side of the house, is suffering from back to back crisis.  Nevertheless, such hardship reveals the real leadership, commitment and decision making skills.  It has been mentioned that we do not have the expertise required to deal with such tragedy, and no one is questioning this judgement, as it is the utterly truth.  Being a small island, we cannot cope with every single situation.  Nonetheless, it is no shame to ask for help from day 1, not only from foreign countries, but also from the citizens.  THERE IS NO SHAME TO SEEK ASSISTANCE!!  Today, the difference is being made from our locals, and all we required was clarity from day 1.  Instead, of bragging from day 1, “the boat cannot sink”, all izz well, “c’est un manoeuvre pour stabilize bateau”, “pena fissure”, all we implore is transparency and purity.

As a young doctor, during my first years in Accident and emergency department, couple of years ago, I captured an advice from my senior, an Emergency consultant, Dr Ajay. T :  “A good consultant (leader), rather have a junior (member of the house), who realise that he does not know, rather having someone who thinks he knows”.  Acknowledging our limitations, is a sign that we still have scope and room to learn, arrogance of knowing everything leads to costly mistake.  They thought they know, today we have the outcome.  Being a doctor or any other professional, it is wise, to keep quiet, and explore advise from colleagues, rather than communicating groundless information.  As a professional, disclosing incorrect and baseless arguments, only show lack of confidence, incompetence and raise safety issues.  Obviously, having the right man on the right job, also plays a massive factor in success.

Believing that the alternative team that we actually have at present would do wonders, would be a fairytale story.  Blanc bonet, bonet blanc, how long can we endure this circle of love between the same parties?  “taler mo coup to cheveux”, well, an expert in haircut was revealed recently, I wondered if he is offering his much needed service now, as decades in the house, beside insults, not much productivity was seen.  Coming to services, I have read a very interesting comment on social media: “during covid-19, medications were obtained through “Quincaillerie”, would pumps be received through pharmacy this time?”

The irony of the situation, our cruise members were refused access on motherland, however a huge vessel, entered our marine territory, pacing towards our shores, without no one noticing, even if noticed, nil action taken.  It worries me actually, about our marine security, twice in space of months, do we even have watch dog of our territory?  Ou jamais 2 sans 3, as lessons seems never learnt.

I am proud to witness, how beautiful people all came together, no caste looked at, no skin color, no religion, no social class, and hands in hands, sweating together, enjoying together, and defending together our coast.  If only same enthusiasm are used to select our representatives, the island would have indeed been a paradise.  Electing, is not a fan club, where once a Liverpool fc fan, always a Liverpool fan.  We have the fortune and freedom to make wise decisions every 5 years, similar to how we all came together, let’s embrace the same step in the future, and forget all those caste, religion, color, status in the benefit of our generations.  Please all volunteers, common man, and representatives, take all necessary precautions, while fighting against this dark avalanche.  The vessel is sinking, so is my heart, reactivity day 1 would have made a difference!

Glory to thee, Motherland O Motherland of mine, Sweet is thy beauty, Sweet is thy fragrance, Around thee we gather, As one people, As one nation, In peace, justice and liberty, Beloved Country, May God bless thee For ever and ever.  Our lagoon, is turning black but our heart is ROUGE, BLEU, JAUNE, VERT, do not let few people divide and rule our community.

Dr Irfaan Daureeawoo – UK

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